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How to Survive Change... You Didn't Ask for: Bounce Back, Find Calm in Chaos, and Reinvent Yourself (My 3 Takeaways)

One of ancient philosopher Heraclitus’ most famous quotes is, “There is nothing permanent except change,” and I can’t imagine my life has been any different than most people’s lives in that sense. What most of us lack, however, is a process for not only surviving that change, but thriving through-maybe even because of-that change.

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WWMRD (What Would Mr. Rogers Do?)

Although many years have passed, I have yet to meet anyone, TV presence or regular human being, that has brought the same level of caring, love, and kindness to our world. And anyone taking a good look around our current world would see just how much we need someone to help teach how to manage our emotions and to love our neighbors. But Mr. Rogers isn’t here to do those things anymore, and it’s easy to feel that things will never get any better. It’s easy to be overcome by our emotions. It’s easy to focus on ourselves and forget about our neighbors.

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A closer look at the culture of Maryland football

The fact that McNair's death was pointless and wholly avoidable is obvious, and hardly a revelation at all. But, what the player's death and the months thereafter illustrate are the addictive, insidious, destructive, and systematic nature of organizations that are tearing people down rather than building them up.

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Is it really hazing? And does it matter if we call it hazing or not?

To be sure, regardless of whether or not the behavior was hazing or not, it was clearly wrong. It was homophobic, racist, and sexist, and it is being rightfully condemned by the school, the fraternity, the media, and the general public.

With that said, does it really matter if we call it hazing or not?

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