Hero's Journey

How To Find Your Superpower

The map of the Hero’s Journey is absolutely true for every one of us in our journeys to become the very best versions of ourselves. In the beginning, we have to step out of the expectations and limits that others have for us, then hone our skills and strengths, and finally use the culmination of our experience to make a difference in the lives of the people around us.

Finding you: How to slay your dragon

Finding you: How to slay your dragon

We look at these fictional and factual figures, and we may feel frustrated, and wonder: Why can't I do that?

If we allow those feelings to fester, and we make choice after choice after choice to accept what we can get rather than what we really want, the easier it is to distance ourselves from those figures who have followed their bliss, and more so distance ourselves from the opportunity to follow our own bliss.

So, have you ever had a moment where it seemed as if the most relevant experiences of your life had prepared you for that very moment?

I have.

You were here, now you are lost, & why that's good

You were here, now you are lost, & why that's good

I'm lost. For four years, I have been blogging and speaking about the Heroic Arts and the Hero's Journey. I absolutely believe that there is a hero inside each and every one of us, and I believe in the power of the message.

One of the pieces of advice I have held close to my heart is to find what you enjoy, and to find ways to do that as often as possible.

The question is: How?

The Building Heroes & the Power Button Top Five (& One Favorite) of 2013

The Building Heroes & the Power Button Top Five (& One Favorite) of 2013

In the three years since launching the Building Heroes blog, I have been fortunate to have more than 46,500 people read at least one of my 200 posts, a far cry from the 44 visitors I had after my first month. However, with growth comes change.

“The snake which cannot shed its skin must perish.” -Friedrich Nietzsche

On November 1, 2013, I relaunched BuildingHeroes.Org as ThePowerButton.Org. Building Heroes always will be a part of the Power Button, as evidenced by its prominent placement on the site, and it is my hope that the Power Button's message will reach some of those who would not otherwise connect with the language of "heroism".

So, in the spirit of looking back before moving forward into the New Year, here are the top five most read posts from the Building Heroes and the Power Button blogs from 2013, as well as a personal favorite to propel you forward into the New Year.