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Hero Town, USA: An origin story

For Batman, it began in the dark alley where Dr. Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered. For Captain America, it consisted of the numerous rejections he received as he sought to serve his country. For Thor, it was the combination of being on the receiving end of an intergalactic timeout and his affinity for hardware of a different temper than those carried by your local Home Depot.

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to be a part of a different kind of origin story, one born out from a truly amazing event, the Hero Round Table in Flint, Michigan.

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You Cannot Live an Extraordinary Life by Making Ordinary Choices

Ordinary is by the book. Ordinary is going with the flow.

Ordinary is waiting for the right time to do something, to speak up, to stand out.

Ordinary is a choice.

Or, you can choose to be extraordinary, to be heroic.

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