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Hazing & the house's odds

When we actively disengage our leadership and leave the future of our groups to little more than a roll of the dice, those "if's" become "intentional failures" (IFs) because the house always wins. If you play long enough, the house takes you down.

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How to fix fraternities & actually get what we wished for

As calendar pages fall to the ground on campuses throughout the country, the bitter cold and stiff winter winds have relented into more forgiving, more gentle spring breezes.

So too, the claims of rampant and systemic alcohol abuse, hazing, homophobia, racism, and sexual assault have become more tepid as the school year winds down, and the call for fundamental change that seemed so desperate now seems as though it will slip into the rhetorical abyss of "awareness" and starting a conversation.

We don't need yet another meeting. We need to put shovels in the ground and get to work.

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What you would do if you really wanted to prevent hazing

Since the first National Hazing Prevention Week in 2005, individuals, campuses, and organizations have been amping up their awareness campaigns in an effort to bring the conversation about hazing out of the darkness and into the daylight.

For at least one week, "Mission: Accomplished."

But what, really, has changed?

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We're afraid of confrontation, and it's killing us

In my opinion, these meetings are not that different from our online personas. Oftentimes, we can choose not to show content from people we disagree with, even without unfollowing or unfriending them, ensuring we do not have to acknowledge the disagreement, and thereby disrupt the herd.

But what does it say about us when we choose not to engage on those issues that we care about, because we do not want to cause a scene or make the meeting last any longer.

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