Whether your audience is ten or 10,000, Chad can deliver a customized message of inspiration for your meeting or conference. Chad understands your audience does not want to be “taught” anything, but is rather interested in hearing stories of inspiration, achievement, and real-life people challenging their status quo, confronting their fears, and changing their world.

As a result, Chad’s speaking philosophy is to entertain and inspire your audience with passion and stories proven to help people transform their ordinary lives into extraordinary ones. If you are looking for a memorable speaker who will leave your audience members motivated to take on the challenges facing their organizations, communities, or own lives, book Chad Ellsworth today!

Chad is a powerful, moving, and truly inspirational speaker. He encourages heroism and uses his experiences to help others. I’m excited for his upcoming book and for all the wisdom he has to share.
— Dr. Janina Scarlet, Speaker and Author


Chad's Most Requested Talks:

Evoking Excellence: Building Up In the Workplace

If you want to get the best out of people, you have to first look for the best inside of them. The future of the workplace has become a hot topic in response to the accelerating rate of change in the way work gets done in today's world, but are we equipping leaders and managers with the skills and strategies to evoke excellence in our workplaces? In this keynote talk, Chad discusses the current state of the U.S. workplace, where two-thirds of all employees are disengaged at work. Chad then provides three building blocks to transform your organization's culture, performance, and employee experience.

Building Up Without Tearing Down: Why Hazing Persists & What We Can Do To Stop It

At least one person dies each year from hazing, and the last few years have been among the worst yet. Why does hazing continue to persist? Powerful psychological, situational, and social forces fuel cultures of hazing in all types of organizations. In order to end hazing, we must build people up without tearing them down. In this talk, Chad examines the forces and motivations that drive hazing and explores strategies for empowering people to create positive change in their organizations.

Calling Your Students To Adventure: Embracing The Hero’s Journey As A Developmental Tool

What do Dorothy Gale, Harriet Tubman, and T’Challa Udaku have in common? Each of them traveled the Hero’s Journey. The students in our classrooms today know these heroes' stories by heart, and we can draw from mythology and popular culture to provide students with an accessible framework to make sense of their own journeys. We can equip them through the framework of the Hero's Journey to reflect on their experiences and values, and to create meaningful experiences throughout their lives. In this interactive talk, participants will learn about the framework of the Hero's Journey; compare and contrast this framework with psychosocial, racial identity, and self-authorship theories of human development; apply this model to diverse settings and situations; and discuss how this paradigm can help students create meaningful experiences throughout their lives.