Whether your audience is ten or 10,000, Chad can deliver a customized message of inspiration for your meeting or conference. Chad understands your audience does not want to be “taught” anything, but is rather interested in hearing stories of inspiration, achievement, and real-life people challenging their status quo, confronting their fears, and changing their world.

As a result, Chad’s speaking philosophy is to entertain and inspire your audience with passion and stories proven to help people transform their ordinary lives into extraordinary ones. If you are looking for a memorable speaker who will leave your audience members motivated to take on the challenges facing their organizations, communities, or own lives, book Chad Ellsworth today!

Chad is a powerful, moving, and truly inspirational speaker. He encourages heroism and uses his experiences to help others. I’m excited for his upcoming book and for all the wisdom he has to share.
— Dr. Janina Scarlet, Speaker and Author