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It is widely believed that Mark Bingham and three other men confronted the terrorists on United Flight 93 on the morning of September 11, 2001 and that their heroic actions brought the plane down before it could hit its intended target. This news did not come as a surprise to Mark’s family and those that knew him best. From their perspective, there would have been no question in Mark’s mind what he would do in that situation.

Recognizing a Chi Psi Hero Since 1841, Chi Psis have made their mark on our nation’s history.  And while the experiences and influences of our many nationally-recognizable Brothers vary, we are always proud when one of us makes a difference for others.  The time has come for us to recognize one of these Brothers…a national hero who took a stand in one of our country’s darkest hours.  On May 20, 1989 Mark Bingham was initiated into Chi Psi at Alpha Delta Delta at University … Read More

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