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Do you look at your organization, your community, or even your own life and think, “I could be doing more?”

Many of us feel lost and confused because of the obligations and pressures of family, school, work, and our busy, everyday lives. We want to do something important, but we are held back by our self-limiting beliefs and destructive habits.

There is a hero in all of us. Chad Ellsworth will help you discover your passion, purpose, and power, and he will provide you with the confidence and tools to challenge the status quo, confront your fears, and change your world.

Chad offers career, leadership and life coaching.

Chad was so helpful in asking the right questions and defining activities for me that brought up common themes across my career and beyond that helped pinpoint what a good fit for me would be. He really helped bring to the surface all those important things that I had a hard time seeing. I am so grateful for his guidance and insight.
— Mirna Vela, English Teacher at Berlitz Corporation