"Our heroes are a lot like us" | Nolan Harrison at TedX Bloomington

nolan harrison

"Our heroes are lot like us. They have the same issues, the same problems as everybody else. ... All of them had their issues, and all of them had their core values that they'd never, ever, ever break. ... What are some of the things that are always in the back of my mind. It's the hero trials. ... It was so ingrained in me, it was like second nature when I needed to stand up. ...

I started to believe all of those things were possible for me to do, and they were the right things to do."


Harrison also describes his own heroic intervention to defend a fellow student at Indiana University from a sexual assault. He was not afraid of getting involved, he was "more afraid of not being able to catch (the perpetrator)".

Inspirational and powerful story!

Watch: TEDxBloomington -- Nolan Harrison III - "Childhood Dreams of Heroes, My Long and Winding Road"