Heroic Moment: Power Up! How to Use Your Learning to Transform Your Organization

Mario Power Up

You've attended a conference, an institute, or a leadership program, and you're ready to change the world. Now, what?

You may have traveled to a camp site just out of town, or you may have traveled across the country. You may have had early mornings or late nights, engaging in insightful, powerful conversations with mentors and peers. The bottom line is that you invested more and more energy into that experience, and now the power of that experience is bursting through you.

How will you use that energy in an effective, purposeful way to transform your organization?

Just as the energy of a simple flower, mushroom, or star can transform an average plumber into a superhero, so the energy of your experience can transform your organization.

Three laws of energy:

1. An object at rest will stay at rest

As much as you Facebook, text, or tweet your experience, it is your experience. Your peers spent their time at the beach, at the golf course, or otherwise relaxing. It is up to you to "power up" your organization.

2. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

You did not gain this experience by somebody preaching to you, and others will not have that experience through your preaching. The more you push, the more others will push back. Share your experience one piece at a time, one person at a time.

3. Energy can be neither created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed

Get together, and imagine the possibilities. Small wins maintain momentum; big dreams empower us. The greater the challenge, the greater the motivation to succeed. Are you more likely to motivate people to do what everybody else is doing or to be revolutionary? To tweak, or to transform?