America, a nation without heroes |


Rather there are days I don't need to be told about this new kind of America we're living in. The kind without gods or role models.

The kind without heroes...

And you try to remember that few people are as good as advertised and even fewer are as bad as rumored. That in the new America, pedestals are best reserved for flowers, not people.

Part of the reason why so many people came rushing to Joe Paterno's defense is because the ex-Penn State coach had done so much good for the school and the community. He was supposed to be a man above reproach, born within the shadow of our greatest generation.

It is so hard for some to accept the possibility that one of our great heroes could have been involved in something not becoming of the title.

And I found that sentiment more shocking than Paterno's connection to the allegations. After all, scandals involving football coaches at big-time schools happen so frequently it was hard for me to imagine anyone being surprised.

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