Finding Joe | A Film by Patrick Takaya Solomon @FindingJoeMovie

Finding Joe Movie

I love Twitter. Since launching Building Heroes more than a year ago, I have been introduced and otherwise connected to amazing people and inspiring projects that I otherwise may not have encountered. A few weeks ago, @Chuck4444444 introduced me to Finding Joe, a movie by Patrick Takaya Solomon, that beautifully describes the work of Joseph Campbell. I purchased a copy of the movie, and absolutely fell in love with it, watching it twice the first night, and from then on at least once every week as I feed my ten-month-old son before bedtime. If you have ever gone through something tough, led through adversity, or stood for the right thing, you probably have experienced the hero's journey as described by Joseph Campbell's hero's monomyth.

I wanted to share this work with you, and each week will post some of the video clips from the site. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and please follow @FindingJoeMovie and visit