Why Does Batman Matter? | Psychology Today

Those who have worked closely with the Batman character over the years have had many interesting comments about the meaning of the Dark Knight. The idea of transformative effort and achievement is appealing. Former President and Editor-in-Chief of DC Comics Jenette Kahn wrote that "Batman is an ordinary mortal who made himself a superhero...Through discipline and determination and commitment, he made himself into the best. I always thought that meant that I could be anything I wanted to be." The idea of human drive and commitment is also on full view with Batman. Neal Adams, the great silver age artist, wrote "You must remember, Batman is the only superhero who is not a superhero. He has no powers....He's a human being bent on a mission." The very nature of the mission may not really be the key issue. Life is a journey, not a destination and Batman may help inform how to keep working our way along our own personal paths.

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