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Learning to be Courageous While genetics may leave some of us a bit braver than others, courage can be learned. Biswas-Diener cites the work of Cynthia Pury and her colleagues, who separated courage into general and personal categories. General courage is how we typically picture bravery, such as soldiers saving lives or citizens exposing illegal acts. Personal courage is unique to each person.

Each of us, Biswas-Diener says, has the capacity to face our fears. He interviewed 50 people from all walks of life – a group he termed the Courage 50 – and discovered that courage is a habit, a practice and a skill.

Cultivating Courage

Biswas-Diener shows readers how to manage fears and boost willingness to act. Below, you’ll find several of these tips. (The first three are specifically for minimizing fear.)

1. Reduce uncertainty.

2. Relax.

3. Get angry.

4. Avoid the bystander effect.

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