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The model is the same: Core values lead to an outcome ("What do you want"), to assets ("What do you have"), and to actions ("What will you do?") In between assets and outcomes, the leader asks: "Are these assets enough?" And in between actions and outcomes, the leader asks: "Are these actions going to accomplish the outcome?" When the answers are "yes," the leader has a micro strategy... So, how do you use the lessons of great leaders and action heroes in your situation? There are six steps.

First, learn the model, just as the young women did. You can watch a brief video of it here.

Second, identify a scene -- a specific situation where you need to make something happen that is different from what will probably happen. What's your version of being in prison like Churchill? Or stuck in the tree like Katniss?

Third, identify your core values (a frequent subject in this blog), an outcome you want, your assets, and your actions. This is a freebie tool to find your core values.

Fourth, pause on assets, because that's where the gold is. In every case, an action hero (or leader) relies on assets that may appear ordinary at first. Churchill's personality gave him the fortitude to climb the fence, and his attention on the guard's behavior allowed him to detect a pattern. Katniss Everdeen relied on a friend and something that at first appeared as a problem: A bunch of "tracker jackers" -- genetically engineered super bees that were aggressive and had lethal poison in their stingers. Neal Caffrey relied on his ability to think quickly, a friend, ability to forge art, and being a ladies' man.

Fifth, ask the first test question: Do you have enough assets to get to the outcome? If not, identify more assets, or shrink your outcome.

Sixth, ask the second test question: Will your actions take you to your outcome? If no, go back to our assets and find new ways to use what you have. Add more, until the answer becomes yes.

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