The Power of Doing Things that Scare You | Crazy Sexy Life


The nerves I feel when taking on a new challenge are the manifestation of my fear. For many years I’ve chosen to listen to fear and let it dictate far too many of my life choices. As my self-awareness has increased and I’ve become tired of beating myself up for missed opportunities, I’ve decided to take control and work with my fear instead of against it. When I realize I’m beginning to feel fear, I begin the process of breaking it down, digging to the root cause. In learning about fear, I’ve come across a simple way to break down the word itself, which also serves to bring awareness to my true discomfort. I’ve come to realize that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real...

The ultimate power of doing things that scare you is that you begin feeling comfortable playing with fear, and you slowly gain more awareness of how False Evidence has Appeared Real in your life. With increasing awareness you gain more control over how you’ll respond to the fear you experience. The more control over the fear you have, the less powerful that fear becomes. You may never experience a life free of fear, but you can begin to weaken the power fear wields that keeps you from going after what you desire.

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