Can courage like Antoinette Tuff’s be taught? | Washington Post


But one question I keep asking myself since hearing about Antoinette Tuff is this one: Is that kind of resolve–that kind of unflappable calm and courage in the line of fire–actually something we can teach others? If we are lucky, our parents, our spiritual leaders, our teachers, our loved ones show us how to be empathetic and compassionate. Tuff repeatedly spoke during interviews of her faith, of her pastor’s voice in her ear, of the practice he taught her of “anchoring.” Our life experiences–in Tuff’s case, a disabled child, a divorce, a contemplated suicide–help to give us courage. Each moment that takes something from us tends to give us something, too...

One hopes that the right mix of role models and life experiences, prior tests and personal faith combine to give us the mettle to act as Tuff did. But that kind of response may also be something far more inherent and innate. Most of us will never know. We don’t get to practice the sort of high-stakes moments where Tuff showed her remarkable grace–truly the best word to describe the confidence and compassion, calm and courage that she showed. The best we can do is try to prepare for it.

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