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Hazing & the house's odds

When we actively disengage our leadership and leave the future of our groups to little more than a roll of the dice, those "if's" become "intentional failures" (IFs) because the house always wins. If you play long enough, the house takes you down.

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What you would do if you really wanted to prevent hazing

Since the first National Hazing Prevention Week in 2005, individuals, campuses, and organizations have been amping up their awareness campaigns in an effort to bring the conversation about hazing out of the darkness and into the daylight.

For at least one week, "Mission: Accomplished."

But what, really, has changed?

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Fire & Brimstone: Why the Campus Preacher Approach to Hazing Prevention Doesn’t Work

If you’ve ever spent some time on the campus of a public college or university, you’ve probably seen the campus preacher. On the campus where I work, the campus preacher sets up a chair mid-morning, and spends the rest of the day standing on top of it and preaching to passers-by. If you listen for any amount of time, you’ll hear about death, punishment, and the things you’re doing wrong.

The campus preacher’s goal is conversion. That is, he wants you to change your behavior and to find a new path.

Does it work? I can’t say for sure, but I have yet to see somebody with a positive response to the message of death, punishment, and wrong-doing.

In the battle to end hazing, are we employing a similar approach?

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