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Who We Are

There is a hero in all of us, and we exist to help you discover your passion, your purpose, and your power, and to provide you with the confidence and tools to challenge the status quo, to confront your fears, and to change your world.

Many of us often feel lost and confused due to the obligations and pressures of family, school, work, and our busy everyday lives. We want to do something important with our lives, but are limited by our self-beliefs and destructive habits. Caped Coaching is a personal development organization that helps people in the prime of their lives develop a foundation for greatness. Our group workshops and personal coaching programs are designed to challenge people, and develop the confidence, strategies, and tools they need to live up to their fullest potential. Our mission is to empower everyone to help make the world a better place.

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About Chad

Beginning with my earliest experiences as a college freshman and fraternity man, I have been in search of a better way. After joining Theta Chi Fraternity (Alpha Upsilon/University of Nebraska-Lincoln '01), the chapter closed for financial reasons at the end of my first semester. Committed to continuing my fraternity experience, I became a member of a second fraternity. During my junior year, I challenged the chapter's culture of hazing, after which I was forced to move out in the middle of the night. Three Theta Chi men showed up to move me out and willingly extended a Helping Hand, demonstrating the power of fraternal values in action. (You can find my story here.)

I left the experience consumed by the idea that there must be a better way, a way to create and deliver a challenging, but meaningful and positive experience to people, providing them with the capacities, knowledge, and skills to be authentic, empowered, and values-driven in their personal and professional lives.

In graduate school, I conducted and published an original research study on perceptions of hazing, and received national recognition for my work, which led to my role as President of the Board of Directors for the non-profit organization HazingPrevention.Org. As a result of my role with the organization, I was asked to create and deliver two presentations at the Theta Chi 2010 National Convention and School of Fraternity Practices. The second presentation, "Building Heroes," indelibly changed my life and led to the creation of Caped Coaching LLC.

As a professional, I spent seven-plus years as the Program Director for the Office for Fraternity & Sorority Life at the University of Minnesota, where I advised and mentored student leaders, developed educational and leadership development programs, and served as a liaison for the fraternity and sorority community to the campus and Minneapolis-Saint Paul communities. In 2007, I was honored to be named an Anti-Hazing Hero by HazingPrevention.Org, and in 2010, I was honored to be named one of two Outstanding Greek Life Professionals by the Fraternity Information & Programming Group (FIPG).

Currently, I am a Career Coach in the Undergraduate Business Career Center at the Carlson School of Management (Univeristy of Minnesota-Twin Cities). I have been a member of the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities community since 2004, and have served as an Academic Advisor and interim Pre-Health Career Coach for the College of Biological Sciences; an Academic and Career Coach for the Center for Academic Planning & Exploration; Adjunct Faculty for the College of Biological Sciences, Leadership Minor, and Office of Undergraduate Education; Program Director for the Office for Fraternity & Sorority Life; and Student Activities Advisor.