You're Not Ready

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You're not ready to be a hero.  Not yet. A proverb says, "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". Intention without action leads to evil. The opposite of heroism is not evil, but apathy and inaction.

The process of building a hero is not a two hour seminar, or even a weekend retreat. Building a hero within yourself is a commitment at the deepest levels.

It is a commitment to action. It is a commitment to acting on your personal values every day, every hour, and every minute.

It is a commitment to preparation and training. It is a commitment to strengthening your mind, your heart, and your soul. Your mind must see the opportunities to act and intervene. Your heart must beat with conviction and courage. Your soul must ground you in your values.

To build a hero is a struggle within yourself. The hero's journey is not for those who are looking for the approval or adoration of others. They are charlatans. Heroes are defined by their selfless sacrifices.

Nobody better exemplifies the internal struggle than David Dunn. (Who?) Dunn (Bruce Willis) was an average, ordinary man living in Philadelphia. He was a security guard for a local university, and his marriage was failing. When confronted by Elijah Price (Samuel L. Jackson) with the idea that Dunn was an ordinary person capable of extraordinary action, he made excuses.

Price insisted, "It's hard for many people to believe that there are extraordinary things inside themselves, as well as others. I hope you can keep an open mind."

Dunn kept an open mind and began to believe. He committed himself to heroic action. He began focusing on developing his heroic capacities, from discerning opportunities for intervention to increasing his physical strength and capacity to act. Dunn committed himself to heroism, and his hero's journey began.

You're not ready yet, but the journey begins with your commitment to becoming a hero in training.