Should You Cool It or Should You Blow | Rogue Priest

Rogue Priest 6-9-11

via Rogue Priest: "Every pattern in your life has momentum. If that momentum isn’t taking you where you want, then the future will not be better—no matter how much you’ve already invested—unless you can change some key part of your situation today. Ask yourself honestly: can you? If you can, then you might be able to shift the momentum for the better. That is called winning.

If you can’t, then you should get off the train before it takes you any farther. That is also called winning."

Should You Cool It or Should You Blow Quitting is something I've never been good at. I'm crazy stupid about not quitting. I'm not sure exactly where I get this trait, but I think it's hereditary. I remember the family camping trip where we stayed in our campsite through a tornado. That made me think maybe dad is crazy stupid about not quitting, too. This can be a phenomenally good quality. I can't remember how many times I've gotten something to work after others have given up. Most … Read More

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