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Rogue Priest - Why Arent You Fighting

This blog is about the Heroic Life: the idea of living for high ideals, taking action, and leaving a deep impact on the world. In recent months, you guys have helped me hone what it means to live heroically. We’re getting close to ready for the beta. One of the things that has become apparent: it’s not a metaphor.

The Heroic Life isn’t code for doing charity work or picking up litter (though that rocks if you do). It’s about actually living a life that echoes the great heroes of myth. Game-changing change.

And here’s the thing: heroes know how to fight.

And you should too.

I don’t actually mean “fight.” I haven’t gotten into a fight since I was 8, when my only attack was stepping on the guy’s toes and we became friends afterward.

Most people who practice martial arts never get into a bona fide fight. (If they do, they might be doing something wrong.)

But the associated benefits that come with knowing self-defense include:

A greater range of motion than most people think is possible


Confidence across the board

The ability to dodge, block, or escape blows

The ability to safely restrain someone who is drunk or aggressive

Strength and lean muscle

Being able to survive falls and accidents

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