Psychiatrists prescribe remedies for school bullying |

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"Schools are mirrors of the communities in which they exist: if families and communities are not involved, it doesn't matter what you do," said Twemlow, a professor of psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine's Menninger Clinic in Houston... Twemlow pays particular attention to empowering the "bystanders" -- an unmobilized army of kids or teachers who routinely witness bullying behavior but may not feel they can intervene. The book offers ways to identify which kids may be exceptionally vulnerable to bullying's toxic effects and how to draw them out of isolation and protect them from psychological harm. And he cites examples of schools in which bullies rule, even as desperate parents look to those who are thought to be in charge for help.

Calling bully-victim behavior a "public health crisis," Columbia University psychologist Jonathan Cohen praised the book as a guide for mental health professionals who want to become "essential change agents" in the lives of kids and their schools.

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