Heroes Talk about Rescuing Motorcyclist

heroes save motorcyclist

An incredible example of the power of values in action, and the "human instinct" that drives us to help. http://cnn.com/video/data/2.0/video/bestoftv/2011/09/14/am-rescue-fiery-crash.cnn.html

The story via CNN.com:

(CNN) -- The uncle of a Utah motorcyclist pulled from underneath a burning car by a group of bystanders told his nephew's rescuers they are "heroes to our family."

Tyler Riggs spoke to CNN's Piers Morgan one day after a group of construction workers, students and other bystanders turned into a ragtag team of first responders to save Brandon Wright, 21.

The accident happened Monday on a street near Utah State University in Logan and was captured on video.

"I thank you on behalf of my family, and I know that my nephew Brandon will hope to thank you at some point, too. I know that you might be shy and want to dislodge the title, but you are heroes to our family," Riggs said.

via Motorcyclist's uncle tells rescuers, 'You are heroes'

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